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Our Services

“Service within 24 hrs”

Our Thai Trafo service team consists of expertised technicians and engineers who have been specialized in transformer maintenance for more than 20 years.

Moreover, our company supports the use of cutting-edge maintenance and fixing equipment to guarantee a very effective solution for our customers in every circumstance.
We are also pleased to deliver our service to customers across Thailand within 24 hrs.

List of available services

- Maintenance for every size of distribution transformers.
- Maintenance High-voltage and low-voltage electrical system as well as an MDB .
- Image processing (Thermoscan) to locate the heat spot within the transformer.
- Transformer oil filtration and draining service.
- Electrical system consultation with our expertised engineers and skilled technicians.
- Fixing of transformer overhaul by technicians who have 20 years+ of experienced in transformer manufacturing.
- Testing of transformer oil as followed

- Dielectric Breakdown Test.
- Water Content.
- Interfacial Tension (IFT)
- Acid Number.
- Color.
- Power Factor.
- Oxidation Inhibitor.
- Furan Analysis

*Should you have any inquiry on further customizable services, Please kindly contact our service team

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